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Dr's Essential Pack

Item Number: 77

The Dr's Essential Pack is $59.95 plus S&H contains 1 each: Mineral Concentrate, VitaSprout, Solu-C 120Ct, Omega-3

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Get Started Pack

Item Number: 502

GET STARTED PACK 26% Savings off retail $85.00 1 Each MineralRich w/Aloe, VitaSprout, Solu-c 120 Ct , Omega-3 fish oil

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Mineral Concentrate 4-Pack

Item Number: 775

4 bottles of the Mineral Concentrate

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New You Pack

Item Number: 503

The New You Pack $49.95 plus S&H contains 1 Each Mineral Concentrate, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D-3, and E-400 with Selenium

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Primary Pack

Item Number: 900

The Primary Pack $64.95 plus S&H contains 1 each MineralRich plus Aloe, VitaSprout, Solu-C- 120ct

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Restoration Pack

Item Number: 504

The Restoraton Pack $59.95 contains 1 each: Mineral Concentrate, Inulin Prebiotic Powder, Liquid Multi gel, Probiotic Blend Plus

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Super Heart Pack

Item Number: 975

The Super Heart Pack costs $49.95. It contains 1 Mineral Contrate, Solu-C 120ct, Omega-3 and Vitamin D-3

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Super Immune Pack

Item Number: 260

Super Immune Pack $45.95 plus S&H includes 1 each Mineral Concentrate, Max-Immune System Guard, Beta Glucan Plus, Eucalyptus Oils

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Vitality Pack

Item Number: 910

The Vitality Pack costs $54.95. It contains 1- Mineral Concentrate- liquid trace mineral supplement and 2- Liquid Multi-Gels, a Multi-Vitamin w/Organic Flaxseed Oil

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